What is the Gay Lifestyle?


Sexual orientation is not a lifestyle.

Another person told me they were not “prejudiced,” they just didn’t agree with the LGBT lifestyle.

I asked them which part of the life style they disagreed with. Was it going to work, paying a rent or mortgage, having a family, eating dinner, going to the movies, wanting to feel safe, or what?

He had no answer, except to keep saying, “I just don’t agree with the lifestyle.”

For the gazillionth time, is no gay lifestyle. Like everyone else, LGBT people want to be happy, secure, and be themselves.

Lifestyle? Hmmm. When I think lifestyle I think urban or suburban, car of bike, working at home or in the office, laid-back or high intensity.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual- those are sexual orientations. Transgender- that’s gender identity. There is no lifestyle that everyone adheres to. There are no prizes awarded for the best dressed, or most original gay recipe. LGBT people are in every lifestyle, in every city, and in every occupation.

LGBT people come in all colors, ethnic backgrounds, have families, and people they love. They have all kinds of interests, recreational activities, and lifestylesshopping_bags

Next time you hear someone say they don’t agree with the “gay lifestyle,” ask them to describe it. Then send me their responses, because I would love to know.



14 Responses to What is the Gay Lifestyle?

  1. Love it! So true. I’ve never known how to answer this other than that it isn’t a lifestyle or choice. So thanks for the great comeback and the challenge to define ‘gay lifestyle’.

  2. This is usually the case with misinformed people who know little or nothing about what it means to be LGBTQ, all they know is that they do not agree and the reasons why they usually do not agree if they can even manage to critique on as to why they disagree it is usually based off of bias propaganda.

  3. I consider myself as Bi. I have lived in a Gay mm relationship and am currently in a straight lifestyle married with kids. I’m attracted to both genders but for totally different reasons.

    I have seen many different people in my travels from pre-op transsexuals to lesbians, gay men, 3 way relationships and much more.

    From the straight friends over the years although excepting of me especially more now i’m married. I have seen a common comment that forms a “gay life style”

    The comments stem from the secure and insecure alike. Many relate “gay lifestyle” to men only. again this is from what i have observed.

    They see gay men as highly sexually active, exhibitionist, flamboyant, camp, girly. They see gay men always trying to push themselves into converting straight men. They see the mardi gra as want to be nude men being perverse on the floats.

    The men who like woman only can’t imagine why a guy would like another guy. It in their minds is against gods will thus perverse.

    One particular straight mate said why can’t gay guys just be normal. i don’t care who they kiss behind closed doors you don’t see straight guys behaving this way.

    I think it is inbuilt for men and women to pair bond and often for reproduction. To ensure the continuation of the human race. To carry the family name, to carry the genetic line forward. So any relationship that strays from this in built drive is not “normal” thus wrong. They see the “gay lifestyle” as any non-male-female relationship where reproduction is not on the agenda.

    But then there is a lot that wants to stop gay couples from having children. go figure.

    any way enough of a rant. great topic.


  4. We hear a lot lately in the news about “religious freedom,” and business owners who assert that their religious beliefs preclude them from doing business with gay people.

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