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What is the Gay Lifestyle?


Sexual orientation is not a lifestyle.

Another person told me they were not “prejudiced,” they just didn’t agree with the LGBT lifestyle.

I asked them which part of the life style they disagreed with. Was it going to work, paying a rent or mortgage, having a family, eating dinner, going to the movies, wanting to feel safe, or what?

He had no answer, except to keep saying, “I just don’t agree with the lifestyle.”

For the gazillionth time, is no gay lifestyle. Like everyone else, LGBT people want to be happy, secure, and be themselves.

Lifestyle? Hmmm. When I think lifestyle I think urban or suburban, car of bike, working at home or in the office, laid-back or high intensity.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual- those are sexual orientations. Transgender- that’s gender identity. There is no lifestyle that everyone adheres to. There are no prizes awarded for the best dressed, or most original gay recipe. LGBT people are in every lifestyle, in every city, and in every occupation.

LGBT people come in all colors, ethnic backgrounds, have families, and people they love. They have all kinds of interests, recreational activities, and lifestylesshopping_bags

Next time you hear someone say they don’t agree with the “gay lifestyle,” ask them to describe it. Then send me their responses, because I would love to know.