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Supreme Court Sides With Homophobic Bakery- no cakes for Gays

Don’t Give Power to Homophobic haters when it comes to money

Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cake in Lakewood, decorates a birthday cake Thursday, January 3, 2012. Lindsay Pierce, YourHub


I don’t need to know the political or social views of everyone I buy products from on every issue. I’m fine if they don’t agree with me on many issues. However I do what I can to make sure that I’m not buying products from homophobic haters, white supremacists, Nazis and other people like this bakery.

We all have the power in most cases not to do business with people who discriminate. This is not just some accidental bias, or unconscious inappropriate behavior from someone who has good intentions and needs education.

This guy needs education from someone close to him but right now he is actively discriminating agains LGBT people using religion as an excuse. He claims Christianity won’t allow it, but there are so many Christians and Christian leaders who support LGBT equality. We need to also educate those that will stereotype all Christians based on the behavior and bigoted beliefs of some. Take time to talk to Christian and religious people of all denominations to break down assumptions of homophobia.

However we don’t have to spend our money in places like this where cakes are baked with hate, bigotry and ignorance. I rather bake my own from a box than give this guy a penny. Who knows what goes into those cakes- pure evil. Against his religion? Devil worship since that’s what hate is.

When businesses like this bakery discriminate they not turn away LGBT business but turn away their families, friends and supporters. People who love are in the majority. His business may do well in the short term with fellow haters but will not sustain.

no hate stop hating start love tolerance and forgiveness forgive enemies no discrimination or racism

Inclusion is about love and love is the key to survival of our planet and our mutual happiness.

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