Speaking Topics

  • The Changing Concepts of Diversity; why mono-cultural programs are outdated
  • Allies Are Good for Business; seven ways to be one
  • Cultural Intelligence + Inclusion=Breakthrough Innovation
  • Diversity, Difference, and Dialogue; a new strategy for working together
  • Five strategies to Uncover Hidden Genius in Your Organization
  • How to Double Your Output Without Hiring More People
  • Nine Ways to Reap the Rewards of LGBT Inclusion
  • Ten Inclusionist Leadership Behaviors
  • Everyone is not the same; don’t try to treat them that way
  • Breaking Through Small Unconscious Biases That Cause Big Problems
  • The Myths and Realities of Communicating Across Generations
  • Power Listening; Are you hearing what they are saying
  • Creating a Lower Stress Work Culture
  • Easing Executive Stress
  • Stress Management for the Motivated
  • Eliminating Diversity Stress

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