Does Banishing, Firing and Suspending Solve the Duck Dynasty Syndrome?

Let’s consider the  bigger picture regarding racist, homophobic, hater comments by individuals in the media

Banishing, suspending, firing people like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty or Justine Sacco may shut up an individual, or cause them to make an insincere apology. But those words came from their thoughts,  which came from their feelings, which reflect a bias or prejudice what what they’ve read or heard, and which they came to believe as absolute truth.  They are not isolated thoughts of the one or two but the thoughts of countless others who think the same.

Firing, suspending, banishing without meaningful discussion and interaction perpetuate the idea that bigoted thinking is fine, just don’t say it out loud, but thinking and saying result in actions,  Bigoted thinking results in discrimination, trivialization and marginalization of others.

I want to see a change in cultural thinking, to stop ignorant, racist, homophobic words and thoughts in our world.
I have been leading and participating in diversity dialogues and have seen some incredible breakthroughs and changes.

Let’s  talk  together about how to educate, relate, and dialogue nationally to change how people think about people who are different. It’s not a question of freedom of  speech, it’s a question of freeing minds.

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    1. Some people express their opinions based on religious beliefs for example: Church and homosexuality. Simply saying that people of certain Christian faith who are deeply religious and do not see homosexuality as a "normal" or "moral" can not simply classified as bigots, because those who call them bigots are behaving the same way. Attacking someones religious freedom is the same as attacking someones sexual orientation: both are wrong.

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