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Are Your Employees Sending Their “Robot Surrogates” to Work

Are Your Employees Sending Their Robot Surrogates to Work?

Several years ago, we conducted an organizational assessment for the president of a mid-size company who wanted to build a more diverse workforce.

As a result of the assessment, we helped his executive team revamp their recruiting and hiring strategy to be more inclusive, and increase diversity amongst their new hires.

Although we suggested he build a long-term inclusion strategy, Carson decided that since he had met his hiring goals, he was done.  We didn’t hear from him for two years, until last month.

“We’re not getting value from the diversity in our workforce.  We spent all that money and time recruiting, hiring and training new people and they’re either leaving or not contributing.  I think some of them have retired in place, even the ones that are under 30,” he complained.
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How Unconscious Bias Traning Can Go Wrong

A senior leader at a high tech company called and said, “Simma, I just spent an enormous amount of money for a training program about unconscious bias. It was very well received and people are still talking about how much they liked it,” he said. “However, nothing changed.” The demographics stayed the same, people of… Continue Reading