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Breakthrough Innovation and Diversity Leadership #6 of 10

6- Let other people share their expertise, talent and experience, even when their ideas differ from yours.  You may find their idea is better.

It’s easy to talk about being open to other ideas, but it’s not that easy to do it in practice.

Smart leaders know what their strengths are and they know how to find people who are smarter than them in areas where they are not.

Breakthrough innovation occurs when a good leader knows how to bring together a diverse team with different experiences, skills and ideas. Just having a diverse team isn’t enough. It takes that smart leader who knows how to bring out the genius in others, and isn’t afraid of that genius.

Good Diversity Leadership, and Breakthrough Innovation #5 (of 10)

5-Learn and recognize the different ways in which people are intelligent and contribute to the organization. Stop being stuck in recognizing and respecting only one type of intelligence (yours.) So often in my diversity and inclusion programs, people will make comments like,”I have no problem with people who are different. I respect everyone.” First of… Continue Reading

Fostering Breakthrough Innovation Through Diversity Leadership #4

Here is the 4th Way to Foster Breakthrough Innovation Through Diversity Leadership. 4- Be introspective and get real about your biases and assumptions. Your behavior that results from those biases and assumptions can impede participation and innovation. Ask yourself, “Whom am I not seeing?  Do I greet all of my employees or just the ones… Continue Reading

Fostering Breakthrough Innovation With Good Diversity Leadership #2

2-Be informed about your employees but don’t micromanage.  Acknowledge the progress no matter how small, made by people on your team.    Research by Theresa M. Amabile and Steven  J. Kramer shows that employees are motivated when their managers are aware of and acknowledge even their small wins. Be specific! Don’t just say “Good job.”… Continue Reading