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Women (and men) Ditch Negative Vibers Who Impede Your Career

Don’t get stuck with people who will hold you back, or allow your success to depend on that of other people. Be conscious of your helpers and your hinderers—make time for the former, and appreciate the modern convenience of caller ID in screening out the latter. Build a diverse network, and attend functions and events so that new people can get to know you.

Make a list of upcoming events that are relevant to your career goals, and create an action plan. List your objectives for attending. Going with a purpose will instill more self-confidence. If possible, get a list of the attendees in advance. Once you know whom you want to meet, use the Internet to brush up on background information so that you feel more comfortable when talking to them. Use LinkedIn to find out whether you have any mutual friends or acquaintances. If so, ask for an email introduction before the event, or ask the mutual acquaintance if you can use their name to introduce yourself in person.

As for getting through the events themselves? Don’t worry about talking to everyone—just deal with one person at a time. Have several questions ready to kick start conversation (Have you been to these meetings before? What brings you here, or what keeps you coming back? How have you benefitted from these events?), and do your best to listen more than you talk. Everyone loves to feel heard—and you’re likely to learn something if you allow yourself to absorb.

Don’t Discount Hourly Employees in Your Diversity Initiative

A key component of any diversity and inclusion culture change initiative is to develop a process to educate and include hourly and front line employees, the ones that actually deal with customers. If not, any culture change will stay stuck at the corporate office. The great programs and policies won’t make a difference if an… Continue Reading

Where is the Diversity Mindset?

Diversity is not a one time training topic. It is a mindset, and a way of doing business. You can have diversity by numbers, and think your organization is doing well, but success is when you are able leverage the  diverse skills, and experience of each employee, to grow your business.That means that leadership coaching,… Continue Reading