Monthly Archives: June 2012

Gay Pride TV-Celebrate Bay Area LGBT Diversity

Watch us on TV 20 KOFY Saturday June 23. The cast of Swirl Radio on 960 AM San Francisco is hosting the “I Dream of Jeannie Marathon,” in honor of Gay Pride.

We taped the show today, dressed in our 60s attire. It was hard to remember what I wore in those days, but I was able to pull my outfit together. If you live in the SF Bay Area and get Channel 20, you won’t want to miss this.

Help a Homophobe Become an Ally

We’re impacted by negative messages, we get angry when we hear slime balls make outrageous statements about LGBTQ people and their families. We are all affected by the messages we get from the outside world. Today, I want to share a different message of hope and love, and to tell you that not all homophobic… Continue Reading

Common Diversity Recruiting Mistakes

Recruiting a diverse workforce The United States population is diverse. It’s no longer a question of when the workforce will change. It already has. There has been a huge increase in women, people of color and immigrants in the workforce in the last twenty-five years. Diversity is not just a “good idea”, today. it is… Continue Reading