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The Diversity Calling; building community, one story at a time

I am so excited that our new book, The Diversity Calling; building community one story at a time, is now available on Amazon.

What do a Jewish woman from the Bronx, a black Baptist minister from Oakland and a female corporate executive raised by an Egyptian,Muslim father and a white Christina mother have in common? They along with 6 other people formed the DiCE group, Diversity Community Exchange.

The Diversity community exchange, was formed to build diverse communities and spread the message of inclusion throughout the world.

In our new book, the Diversity Calling, building community one story at a time, we share our stories and offer the blue print of how each and every one of us can be part of the exciting world of inclusion. Reading these stories will cause you to laugh, cry and hope, and in all likelihood will cause you to share a few stories of your own.

The Diversity Calling: building community one story at a time, is available now on Amazon or at

LGBT Cultural Intelligence in Foodservice & Hospitality

I was honored to be part of the MFHA (Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance) program on LGBT Cultural Intelligence in the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry, at Johnson & Wales in Miami last week. Gerry Fernandez the Executive Director of MFHA, was the driving force behind the program. When he spoke about his journey to become… Continue Reading

Three Ways to Manage Holiday Stress Or Any Other Day

Learn to relax If you start the day stressed, you will be stressed all day. Balanced breathing, however, can keep you calm all day and help you will sleep better at night. Balanced breathing also improves health and prevents headaches, backaches and stomach problems. Balanced Breathing Find a quiet place with no interruptions for ten… Continue Reading

Marching With Martin Luther King in 1963; a diversity & inclusion hero

In January, we celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King- who was one of the leading inclusionists in US history. I got to witness inclusionist history in 1963 when I attended the March on Washington with 250,000 other people, and this week I was honored to be a featured guest on two radio shows to… Continue Reading