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Diversity: Ignore it at Your Own Risk

Diversity: Ignore it at Your Own Risk

I would be remiss as a diversity and inclusion consultant, if I didn’t comment on the asinine statements that I’ve heard from certain politicians and their supporters.

Carl Paladino, who is running for governor in one of the most diverse states, with a large LGBT population, thinks it’s ok to send racist and sexist cartoons and spout the some of the most homophobic remarks I’ve heard in a long time.

Jim DeMint thinks that gay people and single women who are sexually active shouldn’t be teaching our children. He didn’t mention married, heterosexual predators who somehow make it into the school system and by the time we find out about them they are too late.

Sharon Angle said she wouldn’t take any money from companies that have LGBT benefits for their employees.

Jim Russell, candidate for office in New York, touts eugenics, is against inter-racial relationships because the white race should remain pure, and worries that Jews are taking over the world.

I can’t believe that intelligent people are supporting these characters.

As a country we are falling behind in science, math and other areas. Our economy is still in trouble, and people need jobs.

The country is diverse, we have a global economy and we need to develop the hidden genius, skills and experiences in our diverse population. We continue to get more diverse every day, and we need to leverage that diversity and create inclusive work cultures, and a culture that supports inclusion in our country.

These politicians who make these statements seem to be living in some other century or in a parallel universe.

It’s time that they let go of their racism, homophobia, and every other ism, or they need to be isolated. It’s their hateful ideals that impede our country and our businesses from become even greater, and it’s their vitriol that is embarrassing as a US citizen, a world citizen, diversity and inclusion consultant, and a human being who believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for people in our country.

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