Monthly Archives: June 2010

I was recently asked whether I thought employee wellness programs are a waste of time and money. My answer is Absolutely Not! and It Depends
Before I was consulting, I used to speak and design wellness programs for individuals. My Masters degree is in Holistic Health/Health Sciences. This was before there were wellness programs and stress management and wellness programs were considered on the wacko fringe.
In my past work and in my present work, I have observed how employees who take care of their mental, physical and emotional health are more focused on their work, less stressed and have room in their brains to be more innovative.
Wellness programs help individuals and organizations be more success when they are wholistic, and include health, employee engagement, and employee/employer interaction. There needs to be a level of accountability which includes measurement, and rewards, as well as an awareness of personal and organizational consequences.
1- The more engaged employees feel, the less stressed they are which leads to higher levels of productivity.
2- Soliciting feedback, and implementing employee ideas, creates more of a sense of ownership in the organization, which makes them want to come to work, and reduces burn-out and feelings of powerlessness.
3- Employees that feel like they are part of a community while they are at work are more likely to take advantage of work wellness programs, be happier at work which boosts their immune systems, and feel less alienated which increases productivity and participation.
5.- Individualized convenience perks like on-site gyms, health club memberships,
blood pressure clinics, exercise programs, etc. make it easier for employees to
get or stay healthy, focus on their work, reduce stress and home, and creates
loyalty and a sense of well-being.
All of this is good for the employee, their families and your organization. I’d love to hear what your organization is doing to help you and your employees stay well.