Monthly Archives: December 2009

What a Difference a Hello Makes

After conducting a recent organizational climate survey, I was struck by how many employees at all levels felt they were invisible to their managers. It seemed that there was a culture of  “I just do my job and you should be glad you have one too.”


When I probed further almost everyone said that their managers from first line manager to senior executives would pass each other and there was no “hello, how are you from anyone.” When I asked for recommendations, the answer was, “just tell them to say hello.”


I did just that. I gave everyone that feedback. Most people were not aware that they were exhibiting the same behavior they wanted everyone else to change.


Solution: Commitments from senior management to create a culture of  “hello,” and even wait for the other person to respond.


Results: Saying “hello,” cascaded through the ranks, and people said they felt recognized,  appreciated and that they belonged to an organization, which made them want to help each other be successful.

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