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What Oracle and Sun Microsystems Need to Do to Prevent Buy-out Stress

As an organizational development consultant, I have worked with several organizations that have either merged, or where one has bought the other. Based on best practices and mistakes I’ve experienced with clients I offer
seven ways for Oracle and Sun Microsystems to reduce stress amongst their employees. Some of them may already be in process.
1- Recognize that no matter how great their employee reduction packages are, leaving will still be extremely stressful.
2- Provide up to date information on the change process to employees. There is always anxiety when organizations merge, or one buys the other. The more correct information people have, the more they feel in control of their situation, even if they have no influence over events.
3- Be aware of rumors and misinformation, and stop them before they spread.
4- Create an environment where managers and employees have direct communication and managers are visible. Provide opportunities for people to talk with managers and each other.
5- Recognize and accept that there are two distinct cultures involved.
6- Stay away from focusing on how you think employees should react and focus on how they are reacting,
7- Identify specific cultural differences and how they will impact both organizations.
8- Develop and implement a process so that employees understand specific differences in culture.
9- Determine what adjustments employees need to make in order to be even more successful.
10- View this as a diversity and inclusion issue and provide tools to employees so they can leverage the differences and find commonalities.

Are You Creating an Environment for Success?

One of my executive coaching clients told me she thought she intimidated her employees. They didn’t ask many questions and were somewhat reluctant to tell her about their mistakes or failures. She hadn’t heard any new ideas in months even though she had installed an anonymous suggestion box. As I continued to delve deeper into… Continue Reading

The Myths and Realities of Four Generations in the Workplace

I’ve been designing a new workshop on “The Myths and Realities of Four Generations in the Workplace.” I’ve observed a tendency in some organizations, and by some authors on generation differences, to categorize and stereotype people based on the years they were born. I’ve come to realize that while each generation has been impacted by… Continue Reading