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Boycotting the Olympics?

I’ve been enjoying the Olympics the last few days, and was glad that the US did not boycott the opening ceremonies. I think that would have been an insult to these athletes who have worked all year to compete.

I thought the US boycott of the Olympics during the Carter administration was ridiculous and did nothing to change anything.

I’m sure there are many reasons to be critical of China. I even think that it is ok for people to demonstrate, hold up signs, or speak out in order to publicize their issues, but not to try to stop the events.

if every country decided to boycott the Olympics to “prove a point,” the Olympics would end.

The Olympics give the athletes, their families and people who attend, an opportunity to meet, experience and interact with people from other cultures in a positive way.

There are athletes from countries that have been historical enemies, competing together. I was moved by seeing the athletes from Georgia and Russia together as friends when their countries are at war. It reinforces my feeling that young people can be the keys to peace.

I was also impressed with the US. The US athletes so far have been gracious losers and gracious winners.

Small business, Awesome customer service

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