Monthly Archives: February 2008

Break Bone Mountain

In the last two weeks, I have managed to break my wrist and my foot in  two separate incidents.
I broke my  wrist on January 21, when my son, and two of our friends who are also diversity and inclusion consultants decided to take a break from work and visit the tide pools at half moon bay.


The day was beautiful, the water was clear,  it was low tide and we were just relaxing and walking across the rocks. As I was watching the sunset, one of my friends asked me a question. I turned  around,  lost my balance, and broke my wrist as I went down.
The following week I was crossing the street in a cross walk  when a car drove  over the line, knocked me down and ran over my foot. I’ve been stuck on my couch on the first level of my house with a cast on my right hand and a cast from the toes on my left foot up to my knee. I can’t walk or use my right hand, and I’m right handed. This has been a very humbling experience to say the least.
I’m so  thankful to friends,  family and community who have been bringing me food, straightening my home and walking my dog, but I can’t wait for the next six weeks  to be over so I can get out of these casts and do things for myself. Hyper active control freaks like myself  find it very difficult to be stationary for long periods of time and not be able to do what I want.