Monthly Archives: December 2007

Imus, Diversity, and Change

I haven’t listened to Imus since he has returned, but I will. I have read about his new format, along with various opinions and comments about whether he should have been allowed to return.

I’ve heard his statements and his apology and the way he said he is going  to run his show. I don’t know what other diversity and inclusion consultants, diversity and inclusion speakers, and diversity and inclusion authors have to say, but as a diversity and inclusion consultant, speaker and author I believe in the importance of allowing people to change. I don’t know what the point of my work would be if I didn’t see results and change as a result of education, interactive dialogue and experience.
Jesse Jackson was excoriated for using the word hymie when referring to Jewish people, he was called on it, listened and allowed to change. There are former white racists who now speak at schools and  religious institutions about their change of hearts, and philosophy. They are even instrumental in turning  other people around.
I think that if Imus does what he says he will, and thinks the way he says he does, he can have a positive impact on a lot of people.