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Putting Diversity to Work


by Simma Lieberman, George Simons, and Kate Berardo


A Fifty-Minute Series Book from Crisp Publications, a division of Course Technology/Thomson Learning.http://www.crisplearning.com115 pages, ISBN: 1-56052-695-5. November 2003

Putting Diversity to Work builds diversity awareness and provides strategies to leverage the diversity present in organizations today. It focuses on the business case and best practices for bringing the best out of all kinds of people.

This book is written for people who manage people and who care for the places in which people work. It is also designed for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge of diversity issues and build essential skills for working in diverse environments.

Putting Diversity to Work is a workguide that contains exercises, assessments, and sidebars of useful diversity information. It can be used in conjunction with a training program, or as individual learning material (self-study).

With Putting Diversity to Work, leaders learn to:

  • Create an inclusive organization that values people from all different backgrounds
  • Bring out the best skills and talents of a diverse workforce
  • Encourage employee participation and involvement in the organization
  • Use the power of diversity to succeed in an increasingly global marketplace

What people are saying...

"Putting Diversity to Work is a valuable addition to the growing body of literature about an important topic. The book intelligently addresses many complex issues both managers and organizations must overcome in order to achieve the goal of the book's title. The combination of sound ideas and clear writing make for a useable and practical document. Most importantly, this book will help managers confront their self-development challenges around diversity. I highly recommend it for everyone interested in being part of the solution for this still unfinished business of our society."

   Price M. Cobbs, M.D., author of Cracking the Corporate Code: From Survival to Mastery, consults with organizations on leadership and executive development and diversity as a business imperative.

"In Putting Diversity to Work, the authors highlight the importance of a holistic and simultaneous development for the stakeholders, leaders, and individuals in order to bring multiple benefits to the organization, communities and the planet. They combine diversity theory, research data, and application of skill development in a balanced and succinct manner to allow the readers to get to the heart of the matter quickly. It's a "must read" for anyone who either deals with or is concerned about diversity issues in the ever-changing dynamics of the global village."

    Sally Huang-Nissen, Diversity Consultant and Trainer, Huang-Nissen & Associates, Livermore, CA

Table of Contents: Putting Diversity to Work

Build the Business Case for Diversity
Map your Stakeholders
AAA-Create stakeholder synergy
Where does our Organization stand with others?
Benefit from Supplier Diversity [sidebar]
Benchmark Best Practices
Improve Diversity Performance
Return On Invested Capital (ROIC)
Signs of Success
Common Ideas about Diversity
What Exactly is Diversity?
Think Outside the Box
Differences in the Workplace
My own Values
Know your Biases and Assumptions
Learn about Others
Become a Diversity Leader
Get IN-IN-IN to the Diversity Mindset
Survive Diversity Shock [sidebar]
Create a Change Plan
Progress Check
What Must Managers Know and Do?
Communicate Face-to-Face
Get Input from your Employees
Manage Multicultural Employees-10 Tips
Diversity and New Ways of Working
Intranet, Extranet, Internet
Virtual Working Tools
Progress Check
E-Mailing across Borders and Cultures-10 Tips
Recruit for Diversity
Assess your Interviewing Skills
Interview for Employees Who Stay
Questions to Avoid during an Interview
Introduce New People
Retain the Best People
Promote the Best Candidates
Encourage Diverse Leadership Styles
Hear from everyone
Map the Diversity Challenges
Manage People in Conflict
Deal with Sexual Harassment

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Putting Diversity to Work

by Simma Lieberman, George Simons, and Kate Berardo


A Fifty-Minute Series Book from Crisp Publications, a division of Course Technology/Thomson Learning.


115 pages

ISBN: 1-56052-695-5

November 2003

Price: $13.95 






  • Awareness Exercises

  • Case Studies

  • Diversity Facts

  • Best Practices

  • Learning Tools

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